Healthy Alliance IPA and Inclusive Alliance IPA Partner to Improve Community Health in Central New York

SYRACUSE and TROY, NY – February 4, 2021 –  Healthy Alliance IPA, daughter organization of Alliance for Better Health, and the Syracuse-based Inclusive Alliance IPA today announced a partnership to improve the overall health of the Central NY region. Through this partnership, the organizations will jointly assume care coordination efforts begun by the Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) and manage CNYCC’s growing digital referral network.


CNYCC’s digital referral network plays an essential role in the health and wellbeing of the Central NY community by connecting individuals in need with organizations that provide critical social and behavioral health services. The goal of this partnership is to streamline those connections by increasing awareness and use of the referral platform among CNYCC’s robust network.


Two members of CNYCC’s team with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local landscape will join Healthy Alliance IPA to provide support, hands-on training, and real-time feedback to partner organizations in the network. They will also work closely with Inclusive Alliance to identify opportunities to expand the referral platform with current and future CNYCC partners.


“Healthy Alliance IPA and Inclusive Alliance IPA have a shared mission: to improve the health of those most in need,” said Jacob Reider, MD, president of Healthy Alliance IPA. “We are proud to be collaborating with our colleagues in Central New York to apply lessons learned from our work in the Capital Region. We will build on CNYCC’s progress, nurturing relationships with community-based organizations toward the shared goal of better health for the people we serve together.”


“Inclusive Alliance’s diverse and growing membership includes many former partners with CNYCC, uniquely positioning the IPA to build on the activities of CNYCC with continued emphasis on the needs of Central New York” said Tania Anderson, president of Inclusive Alliance. “We look forward to increasing cooperation among providers for the benefit of people who otherwise may fall through the cracks and are proud to work with an experienced and respected partner like Healthy Alliance IPA.”


Despite the challenges created by COVID-19, CNYCC launched 300 programs and welcomed nearly 600 new users onto its referral network in 2020. Both CNYCC and Healthy Alliance IPA’s referral networks are powered by Unite Us, a state-of-the-art technology platform that digitally connects social, medical, and behavioral health providers. Healthy Alliance IPA will continue to operate its Healthy Together referral network separately from CNYCC’s to ensure the needs of those residing in New York’s Tech Valley and Capital Region are met.


“When an individual’s needs are identified anywhere in the network, the community shares responsibility for making sure these needs are met before they cascade into more complex, harmful, and expensive medical problems” said Cathy Homkey, CNYCC Executive Director. “We are thrilled Healthy Alliance IPA and Inclusive Alliance IPA are working together to continue driving care coordination goals within the network established by CNYCC.”